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Community Standards

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Being a Member of the Chingu community means you agree to abiding by the standards below.

We view this as an obligation to all of our Members. Any Members violating the Community Standards will be removed from the community. Violations should be reported to admin@chingu.io and will be kept confidential.

Learning requires an open environment where information and ideas can be freely exchanged. Our Community Standards maintain a focus on learning by:

Creating a Friendly and Open Community

Any conduct that threatens a Member, including (but not limited to) harassment, bullying, discrimination of any type, hate speech, and posting of inappropriate material, is not tolerated - period!

Members are expected to be tolerant of other cultures and opinions, and to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Disagreeing is acceptable, but being disrespectful is not. You should treat others how you want to be treated.

Cultivating a Supportive Community

Being a Chingu means you have a responsibility to support your Voyage team by being an active participant in team meetings, completing commitments, and conducting yourself in a professional manner.

Chingus respect their peers by not plagiarizing. This includes any original work created by someone else including articles, code, and ideas.

Chingus also have the responsibility to actively participate in our forums to help fellow Chingus on their learning path by answering questions, helping to motivate others, sharing what they’ve learned, and providing honest and respectful critiques.

Preserving Member Privacy

We respect your privacy and we encourage you to refer to our Privacy Policy.

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