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Ways to Participate

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Join in the Discord Channels

Participating in a community of developers is a great way to improve your exposure to technical and soft skills you might not be familiar with, getting help on questions and issues, giving and receiving encouragement, and staying accountable to your goals.

The Chingu Community is built around a set of Discord channels that give us a place to communicate and collaborate. In addtion to real-time chat it also supports video and audio conferencing with screensharing. Something that is essential for success for Voyage Projects and Pair Programming.

Some of the channels available to you are

ChannelUsed for...
#read-me-firstTHE starting place for information about your Voyage. Next steps and resources are provided here at the start of every Voyage.
#your-intros-hereA place to post an introduction so we can get to know one another.
#chingu-news-preworkNews and reminders to help you through the Voyage Pre-Work.
#community-chatA place to interact with your fellow Chingus on any topic.
#ask-cohort-n-code-questionsA place to give and get help on technical topics.
#feedback-break-my-appPost your apps here to get feedback from your peers.
#resource-treasuresHere's where you can share information you think others will benefit from.

Create an Article or Video

Sharing your expertise with others is a great way to not only help them in their web development journey, but also boosts your knowledge and expertise. Creating an article or video is also one way to improve your portfolio and resume.

An article or video doesn't have to be lengthy, but it should address a common problem or need other have when creating their Solo and Voyage projects. To come up with an idea for your article or video think back to the problems you faced when starting out, regardless of how simple they might now seem to you.

Some examples are:

  • How to deploy a project on GitHub Pages, Netlify, Heroku, etc.
  • How do HTML, CSS, and Javascript interact in a frontend application?
  • What is a Frontend application, what are the components that make it up, and how does it differ from a Backend application?
  • Event handling in native Frontend applications
  • How to set up your project structure
  • How to use ZenHub, Trello, etc. to manage your project

For more information about publishing on one of the following checkout the Chingu Content Creators Guide:

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