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What's is Chingu?

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

You are here as someone starting their journey to become a Web Developer or you might be an experienced developer looking to add to the knowledge and skills you already have. In either case, you're in the right place!

Chingu is a global collaboration platform that connects motivated learners who have shared goals to learn, help, and build together.

‘Chingu’ is a Korean word meaning ‘friend’.

Being a ‘friend’ is the cornerstone of the Chingu organization

We help our members achieve their learning goals in an environment that encourages the open expression of ideas and opinions, and we value the knowledge that can be gained from experimentation and mistakes.

Why join Chingu?

Are you ready to get out of tutorial purgatory and apply all that new knowledge on a meaningful project?

Get yourself job ready by applying your tech skills on a team project while also practicing the soft skills and team workflows you will need on the job. Our project-based learning community will help you aim higher and achieve more than you could alone.

Do you feel like you’re not consistent in working towards your coding goals? Do you think it would be helpful to be part of a friendly and supportive community of coders, one that has a shared goal of acquiring and refining their skills? If the answer is YES, then you're in the right place!

Level-ups to be Gained

More confidence in your skills — from building projects, participating in pair-programming, and giving and receiving assistance to and from other Devs.

New coding buddies — through cohort chats and activities you can build a coding buddy network with developers from all over the world.

Getting out of your comfort zone to accelerate your learning — via remote team projects, random challenges, Moonshot projects, working with others, asking for help, and helping others.

Create an impressive portfolio — by building projects as part of our Voyage and Pair Programming programs.

Help with getting a job — by getting advice on coding interviews from people in the cohorts, support while learning, and if you’re lucky, direct connections to jobs.

Staying focused/consistent coding — via accountability buddies, team projects, working with peers, and building projects.

Motivation — there’s something motivating about being surrounded by people who are actively working towards the same goals as you are. This is one of the most common comments we get about the cohort experience.

Cutting down on hours of Googling — via Chingus sharing the resources they found useful. Need a accurate information on your favorite framework? Ask the network!

Opportunities to make your ideas come to life — from Voyage Projects, interacting with other Developers in our network, and our articles and videos.

The Chingu Platform

The Chingu Platform

The Chingu Ecosystem

Chingu combines learning resources, social media, projects, and the Chingu members like you to create a global developer community that is based on active participation and not just passive consumption. This "push-pull" model helps to boost your results by adding diversity, a global perspective, and real-time feedback as you learn and practice.


Our Learning Resources

Chingu isn't a training company. We don't produce training material nor do we only publish articles or tutorials like other organizations. Our focus is to provide you with a path to building and completing projects on global, remote teams.

However, we like to share what we have learned and we encourage you to do the same. Have you learned something interesting? Discovered something about a package you thought you knew all about? Or do you just want to celebrate a success?

You can join us on the following sites and we welcome your comments and contributions!

  • Twitter - ChinguCollabs
  • Medium - The Chingu Project
  • YouTube - The Chingu Channel
  • Dev.to - Chingu

Our Social Media

A huge component of our community is connecting Chingus to other Chingus. Exchanging information, supporting and motivating each other, and mentoring all require being able to share with one another in an open forum.

Discord is the primary place where Chingus meet up to exchange information, work on projects, celebrate their successes, share their pain, and just generally connect with one another on a personal level. It's about communicating and collaborating with one another to help and to get help.

There are several different Discord groups you can be a member of as a Chingu. But the primary ones are:

  • read-me-first is the channel you must read when you start a Voyage. It lists the actions you'll need to take to get a solid start to your Voyage as well as links to helpfup resources.
  • chingu-news-vnn is where the Chingu team posts news important to your voyage. It's always a good idea to monitor this channel to see what milestones are approaching, when Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions are scheduled, and to find out about late breaking changes to the Voyage.
  • prework-community-chat is where you you'll get to meet your fellow voyagers during the Pre-Work phase of your Voyage.
  • vnn-community-chat is specific to each Voyage and is the place where you'll be able to meet everyone in your Voyage, get current Voyage news, and share information with other Voyagers.
  • <animal>-team-nn is the channel you and your project team will use to coordinate work on your Voyage Project. For example, if you are a Tier 3 Chingu your channel might be bears-team-05. It is a unique, private channel created just for your team and an invitation will be emailed to you at the start of the Voyage Project Phase.

We can also be found on Twitter. Come join us!

Our Programs

Chingus, in their quest to become skilled Web Developers, require not just study, but also practice. Practice is important because it not only solidifies what you've learned, but it accelerates your understanding.


Chingu programs are geared around providing opportunities to practice what you've learned by developing applications using industry accepted packages and tools coupled with an environment that mimics what you'll encounter in the workplace.

  • Solo Projects

  • Voyages are like hackathons, but of a longer duration than the typical weekend hackathon to allow the applications you'll be developing to be more full featured and nuanced.

  • Pair Programming is a program which partners you with another developer to create projects together in real time.

  • Moonshots are special assignments given to select Tier 3 teams during a Voyage. These are generally standalone applications that address specific member needs or which help add value to the Chingu organization. For example, an app like Chingu Quiz.

Voyages, Pair Programming, and Moonshots are open to all Chingus. You can apply to take part in these once you've applied to join Chingu, been accepted, and completed your Solo Project.

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