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Collaboration Tools

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Collaboration, Conferencing, & Screen Sharing Tools



Chat and voice-chat tool for teams. Voice-chat also has screen sharing. Discord is the tool Chingu uses for Cohorts.

Meeting Planning Tools

One of the more difficult and time consuming tasks facing any team is scheduling meeting times around the availability of the team members. Luckily, there are a number of web sites that can help make this easier, including:

Project Backlog Management & Tracking Tools


zenhub tab in github repos

Free Trello-like board with GitHub integration. Due to its tight integration with GitHub Issues and automated workflow capabilities this is the tool the Chingu-X team uses to track our internal development. We suggest you use this for your Voyage project.



Free web-based to-do board for teams.


asana dashboard

Project management tool for individuals and teams featuring multiple types of to-do styles, including to-do lists, kanban boards, etc.

Video Recording



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