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Your Voyage Roadmap

Voyage Generic Roadmap

Voyages are made up of three distinct phases you will follow in sequence, one after the other. The specific milestone dates for your Voyage can be found in this Schedule of Events.

1. Preparation

Voyages have specific requirements, milestones, and require a commitment one the part of participants such as yourself. Follow these steps to make sure you are ready to get the most out of your Voyage.

2. Solo Project

The goal of the Solo Project is to complete a small
project that helps you determine if you've selected the correct tier and to gauge your commitment to completing the longer six-week long Voyage Project.

When you submit your Solo Project it will be evaluated and you'll be provided with feedback on your app. Completing and passing this phase is required to advance to the Voyage Project.

The Solo Project section on the left lists the steps and considerations in this phase.

3. Voyage Project

Advancing to the Voyage Project is your objective in any Voyage. This is where you'll level up your skills and experience building a project as part of a remote team.

When you complete the Voyage Project you'll receive a Completion Certificate in recognition of your hard work and your team and project will be highlighted in the Voyage Showcase.

The VOYAGE PROJECT section on the left lists the steps and considerations in this phase.

Voyage Roles

The primary goal of all team members is to work together in a professional manner to identify, design, develop, and deploy the MVP for their team project.

Team members contribute to the project in different ways, each having their own set of responsibilities depending on their role - Developer, UI/UX Designer, or Product Owner.

All members of the team must commit to following the Agile methodology to develop the team project they've choosen. This involves actively participating in team meetings and discussions, sharing their daily status with the team, and completing the tasks they volunteer to work on in each Sprint.

  • Developer


    Developers are focused on designing, writing code, testing what the has been developed, and deploying it to the Internet.

  • Product Owner

    Product Owners guide the team through the Voyage using the Agile methodology as their roadmap. They are "servant leaders" who lead through teamwork & motivation since Chingu teams have a flat, rather than a hierarchical structure.

    Their main responsibilities are to organize the teams project into a Product backlog, schedule and lead team meetings, monitor progress, and help the teams adjust their plans based on changing conditions.

  • UI/UX Designer

    UI/UX Designers help guide the team to create a project that follows UI/UX "best practices" to create apps that are both functional and pleasing to use.

    They create & maintain app sketches, storyboards, & prototypes, define styles and user interaction flows, and assist with Developer tasks as necessary.

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