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Our Expectations of You

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How to get the most from the Chingu experience?

  1. Reach out and make connections. The Chingu community is your biggest resource! Learn new things from others and to share what you know with them.
  2. Be accountable and reliable. Do not overpromise! It is best to be honest about what you can do and take on, than to overpromise and underdeliver.
  3. Be respectful to everyone.
  4. Share as much of your knowledge as possible! By taking the initiative, you may learn more from others.
  5. Persevere through to the end and get your project across the finish line no matter what, even if that might mean working by yourself. This is a learning opportunity in itself!

Chingu Expects that You Will:

  1. Commit to finishing the Voyage. Voyages are hard work, but it is your path to a better career. You should commit to contributing to your team every week and if you start a Voyage you should finish it.
  2. Be active. Every week, you should be communicating with your teammates, working on tasks and contributing to you teams GitHub project repo, and gaining experience in the process!
  3. Be open and tolerant of other ideas Learn from others to expand your knowledge rather than only using what you already know.
  4. Be open with your ideas and thoughts. Innovation doesn't take place in a vacuum and collaboration is what can make an average idea great.
  5. Complete the Weekly Check-in so we can assess the health of your team and provide ongoing support.
  6. Use the Discord team channel we provide in the Voyage Project to communicate between team members.


What Does Your Team Expect From You?

Anyone can write a function, but developing a modern complex application requires a team. Working in a team requires a mix of hard and soft skills. Successful teams are made up of individuals who:

  • Are kind to one another and respectful of opposing ideas.
  • Motivate each other and get everyone involved to accomplish the goal at hand. Teams that do not have momentum have a tougher time completing the project, so be actively involved and get everyone else involved as well!
  • Understand that disagreement doesn't mean you have to be disagreeable. Recognize that the “win” isn’t getting your way when differences of opinion come up - it’s completing the project with your team.
  • Ask for help when needed, help those who ask for it, and don't blame people for making mistakes.
  • Commit to attending team meetings and pair programming sessions.
  • Take personal ownership of your team's success. We've seen teams where no one talks and when we ask each member individually why they aren't talking, they say "I was waiting for someone else to talk." Don't be that person!


Opting Out Gracefully

Life Happens! Events sometimes occur in people's lives that will prevent them from honoring a commitment.

As a team member, make sure that you take responsibility by notifying your team as soon as possible if a situation arises that forces you to leave the project or makes it impossible for you to meet your deadlines. Ideally, you will sort out a solution to ensure they can still be successful without you.

DO NOT just disappear! It will be much easier for everyone to just be open and communicate your need to Opt Out. We won't hold it against you and we hope to see you again in the next cohort.

Please use this form to let us know you are opting-out.

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