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Getting Prepared

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

The following todo list will help you prepare so you can get the most from your Voyage. Before you start the Pre-Work Phase it is important to make sure you understand the Voyage process as well as fundamental technical concepts, such as Git.

checkbox1.Read Determine Your Tier Level (5 minutes)
checkbox2.Read Our Expectations Of You (5 minutes)
checkbox3.Read How to be a Great Teammate (5 minutes)
checkbox4.Read Soft Skills 101 for the type of communication skills you should practice here. (5 minutes)
checkbox5.Open a GitHub account (5 minutes)
checkbox6.Set up Git on your computer & hook it up to GitHub authentication (10 minutes)
checkbox7.Install Node and NPM (10 minutes)
checkbox8.Set up your code editor (10 minutes)
9.Familiarize yourself with Git: (1 hour)
checkboxa. Read What is Git
checkboxb. Read Interactive Git Tutorial
checkboxc. Read Git Cheatsheet
10.Familiarize yourself with GitHub by completing the following: (1 hour)
checkboxa. Take Introduction to GitHub
checkboxb. Take Uploading Your Project to GitHub
checkboxc. Take Communicating Using Markdown
checkboxd. Take Managing Merge Conflicts
checkboxe. Take Reviewing Pull Requests
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