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How Does it Work?OverviewYour ResponsibilitiesSteps to Follow1. Meet Your Team2. Review Chingu Agile Methodology3. Choose Your Project & MVP4. Setup Your Team Workflow5. Develop Your Project6. Project Closure
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How Does it Work?

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The Voyage Phase is why you joined Chingu. It is the part of the Voyage that helps the most to level-up your skills by,

  • Putting the technical knowledge you've gained into practice.
  • Improving "soft" skills like team work, collaboration, and project management.
  • Being accountable to your committments to your team and yourself.

Your Responsibilities

Your objective in the Voyage Project is to,

  • Maximize what you learn through your project and from your teammates
  • Build experience using the knowledge you have gained from taking courses
  • Create a new project to add to your portfolio
  • Demonstrate job-readiness to prospective employers

But, there is an even more important objective to focus on - completing your project!

The Voyage Project is hard and you will encounter issues along the way. In fact, learning how to handle problems is an important way to learn and a skill that will help you on the job.

Stick with it. Don't let your team down. Complete your project and get ready for your next job.

Steps to Follow

Pre-Work Timeline

  1. Meet your team
  2. Review the Chingu Agile Methodology
  3. Decide on your teams project and MVP
  4. Setup your teams workflow
  5. Work with your team to develop the app
  6. When you are done wrapup your project & celebrate your success!

If you have questions post them in #ask-cohort-n-code-questions

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