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Meet Your Team

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If you are developing a Solo Project in this Voyage you may skip this section and proceed to step 2. Review Chingu Agile Methodology.

The Importance of Your Team

Teamwork is the foundation of any project and learning how to work effectively on a team is every bit as important as your technical knowledge. This is a skill that is valued by employers, so increasing your team skills is one way to set yourself above other job applicants.

Your projects success depends on how effective your team is at working together. In fact, this is more important than how much code you create or how fast you deploy it.

Taking the First Steps Together


Say hello to the Voyage project! See below for the first steps:

  • Use the Team Channel we've set up to schedule a time to meet up on a teleconferencing site such as Discord, Zoom, or TeamViewer.
  • Meet up online and introduce yourself. Share your time commitments, available coding time per week, goals, strength, and weaknesses with your teammates.
  • Establish your shared goal for the Voyage as a team. Do you want to learn a new package like React? Do you want to learn a new feature like React Hooks?
  • As part of your first meeting, review "Traits of Highly Effective Teams".
  • Discuss your expectations for how the team will operate. Specifically, what does success look like for your team, how will you make decisions, and how will you deal with conflict?

Great Examples of First Time Communication

Things to remember:

  • Team Communication is asynchronous. Not everyone can be available at the same time
  • Great communication is a result of good energy and enthusiasm. Each of you should show your initiative!





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