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How Does it Work?1. Meet Your Team2. Review Chingu Agile Methodology3. Choose Your Project & MVPYour First Team Meeting Objectives1. Choose a project.2. Define Your MVP3. Choose a Technical StackYour First Sprint Objectives4. Setup Your Team Workflow5. Develop Your Project6. Project Closure
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Choose Your Project & MVP

Your First Team Meeting Objectives

1. Choose a project.

Exchange ideas and / or share screenshots and URLs of similar potential projects. Look at the showcase articles in our Medium publication to get ideas or create the project you are passionate about.

Remember that the project should be a small challenge but still achievable in six weeks. Don't underestimate the difficulties of working in a team when you are new to it!

2. Define Your MVP

Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the minimum number of features your users need to get a solid understanding of your project. The MVP should at the very least solve one complete feature that includes technical code, user usability and experience, reliability, and a way to see if users are even interested in your product.

Imagine 4 MVPs - you want to build functioning MVPs each time!!

Structure your MVP to include functionality that lets you meet your goals, and then increase its complexity once you have something that works. Remember that it's always easier to add functionality and complexity than it is to remove it.


Steps to Follow

  • Creating a simple, concise statement of what your application will achieve and the value it has to its users. This is your North Star. Every function and feature in the application should reinforce this goal.
  • Listing the functions you want to include in the application. Prioritize them by identifying which are needs and which are wants.
  • Listing the features in each function and prioritize them in the same manner. Identify which are needs and which are wants.
  • Defining the attributes and roles of your end users and matching them to your features and functions. This helps ensure that the app will have a logical flow, and more importantly, that it meets all user needs.
  • Adding the tasks needed to reach MVP status to your project backlog. Since you'll be following Agile principles, the backlog won't be complete until the latter part of the project. The team will continuously revise it in each sprint.

Additional MVP Criteria

  • Pleasant user experience
  • Clean and pleasant UI / layout
  • Handling of edge cases so your app doesn't crash when users use it
  • Deployed to a website
  • Responsive so users can see it on mobile and web

3. Choose a Technical Stack

The technical stack your team chooses depends on your tier level. You can find out more about how to choose your technical stack in our Technical Resources documentation.

Your First Sprint Objectives

  1. Learning any new technologies for your project
  2. Setting up the project and pushing it to GitHub
  3. Setting up local development environments for each teammate. In other words, everyone should clone the repo from GitHub and successfully boot up the local environment without crashing.
  4. Breaking down the project, create your backlog, and use it as a roadmap for the remainder of the project.
  5. Setting up your project management tools
  6. Designing your project using a mockup tool
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