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The Chingu Handbook

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This is your starting point for information about Chingu programs, processes, and procedures. Whatever you are looking for this is the best place to start!

Voyage ScheduleVoyage Schedule
Chingu GuideDescribes all aspects of Chingu and how we can help you on your Web Development journey.
Pre-Voyage Solo ProjectAll about your pre-Voyage Solo Project
Voyage GuideOur flagship program where you will have the opportunity to gain application development experience in a "real world" remote team setting.
Pair Programming GuideOur Pair Programming program that lets you gain and practice Pair Programming skills.
Technical ResourcesTechnical resources you will find useful whether you are a new or experienced Web Developer.
Project ResourcesProject Management and Team resources to help you and your team operate efficiently.
GlossaryCommonly used terms you'll encounter as a Chingu. Every organization has its own language and understanding ours will help you in your journey.
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