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Setup Your Team Workflow

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1. Code Style Guide

A code style guide is a set of standards that outline how the code is written and makes it easier for you to read each other's code. You can follow a style guide per below and/or use a VSCode extension like ESLint or Prettier to format your code every time you save it.

Javascript Style Guides

2. Git Strategy

Just like there are code standards, here are some Git standards and guides to maintain a cohesive workflow with your teammates. Remember there are MANY possible Git workflows that can be used -- we are presenting only one.

3. Code Merge Process

As a team, you will need to decide on a workflow to merge your code together.

Some considerations:

  • Will you be using GitHub's Pull Request?
  • Will you pull the destination branch into your branch first? Or just attempt to merge straight in?
  • Will there be a mandatory code review by one other person before merging?
  • What happens if there are merge conflicts?
  • Can the Pull Request be merged by anyone? Or just the Project Manager? Or only by the person in charge of that code section?
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