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Member-defined Projects

If you already have a project that matches the attributes of the tier you've chosen for yourself you can submit it using the Solo Project Completion Form.

When you submit your project you'll need to provide URL's for:

  • the publicly accessable repository containing your project (eg. Github).
  • the running version of your project if you have deployed it (eg. Github Pages, Netlify, etc.).

If you don't already have a project create one using our specifications.

Chingu Solo Projects

Solo Project Specifications

If you don't already have a project to submit you can create one from the following list. Simply pick a Solo Project that matches the tier you've chosen and click on the 'X' to see a detailed description, and what is required to complete it.

Solo Projects for Product Owners

Project NameTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Chingu TriviaSpecsSpecsSpecs

Solo Projects for Developers

Project NameTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
100DaysofCSS CloneSpecs--
Initab CloneSpecs--
Tickybot CloneSpecs--
Website TemplateSpecs--
Connect 4-Specs-
MapBox API-Specs-
Matching Game-Specs-
Bookfinder (React Native)-Specs-
Journal App--Specs
Mars Photos--Specs
Meteorite Explorer--Specs
Chingu Weather CLI-SpecsSpecs
Chingu TriviaSpecsSpecsSpecs
Critical Space StrikeSpecsSpecsSpecs
Favorite FontsSpecsSpecsSpecs
Flutter BlogSpecsSpecsSpecs
Virtual PetSpecsSpecsSpecs


  • Project source code must be hosted on GitHub
  • Completed project must be must be deployed on the Internet.
  • You'll be asked to provide the URLs for both your GitHub repo and the deployed application when you submit the Solo Project Completion Form for your project.

Remember that you are required to produce original work! You should not copy and submit a solo project you did not personally author. For more information refer to our [Community Standards](/about/commstds.

Solo Project Tips

  1. It is more important to complete the project than it is to add features since completion is require before you can advance to the Voyage Project.
  2. Concentrate on completing the required tasks for your tier and then work on bonus tasks only if time permits. Keep in mind that advancing to the Voyage phase of the Cohort depends on the completion of the requred tasks listed in the project repo we've provided.
  3. Choose tools you are comfortable and productive with. In the limited time available to complete the Solo Project it's not a good idea to try to use something you don't already know.
  4. Unless otherwise noted in the required tasks for you tiers Solo Project the languages, tools, libraries, and frameworks you use are up to you. For example, all of the following approaches are acceptable paths to a successful project:
    • Using any language for web development, not just Javascript
    • Using Vanilla JS instead of a library or framework
    • Using a framework of your choice like React or Vue
    • Using a boilerplate or generator like Create React App (CRA)
    • Using a CSS library or creating your own CSS
  5. Your repo should contain a well written readme.
  6. Remember that your app should run error-free. There should be no errors in the browser or server console logs.
  7. Identify and handle edge cases
  8. You should deploy your app to a server accessible from the Internet for testing, demonstration, and to allow the Chingu team to evaluate it.
  9. Chingu is all about collaborative learning and supporting each other as we level up! Use our Discord channels to get help and advice.
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