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How Does it Work?

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The goal of the Solo Project is to gauge your commitment to completing the longer six-week long Voyage Project and to help you determine if you've selected the tier closest to your current level of expertise.

Our team of Facilitators will review your to verify that it matches the tier you've selected. They will provide status and helpful feedback you can use on both the apps functionality and UI/UX, plus tips and hints on the code you've written to implement your app.

Your Responsibilities

In the Solo Project you have two main responsibilities.

  1. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and to get to know your fellow Chingus.

    These are the individuals you will give and receive help from, and one or more may be your teammates during the six-week Voyage Project to follow.

  2. Submit a project representative of the tier you have selected

    This small project will help you verify that you've chosen the right tier and it's a good warmup for the longer six week Voyage Project. Submitting a Solo Project is a required before you can be start a Voyage Project.

Steps to Follow

Solo Project Timeline

  1. Introduce Yourself In Discord!

  2. Choose the tier that matches your current development skills.

3a. If you already have a project that matches your tier go ahead and submit it for evaluation.

3b. If you don't have a project that matches your tier create one following the specifications we provide.

  1. You will need to submit a Solo Project Completion form so we can evaluate your project.

If you have questions post them in #ask-cohort-n-code-questions

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