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Introduce Yourself In Discord!

Photo by Adam Solomon on Unsplash

Your fellow voyagers will be with you in Discord throughout your Voyage. This is your opportunity to meet other people with similar goals! Start by introducing yourself using the Markdown format below and adding it to the #your-intros-here channel.

Introduce yourself to your fellow Chingus. What country
do you live in? Are you in school, are you working, what are your
**Coding History**
When did you start programming and in what language?
What motivated you to become a developer? What technical environment
are you most productive in?
**Coding Goals**
What skills and knowledge do you want to gain in the next six months,
the next year, and why?
**Chingu History**
Is this your first Voyage? If you are already a
Chingu what have you learned so far? What do you want to achieve in
this Voyage?
What are the hard and soft skills you are the best at
and are the most proud of? What strength will you bring to your
Village and Voyage team and what help do you need from your peers?
What projects have you worked on in the past? Which one are you most
proud of and which one would you like to do over again. Why?

Great Intro Example

Then say "Hello!" and welcome your fellow Voyagers!

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